Nursing – CRNP – Past, Present and Future

The Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner has achieved the most advanced degree in their chosen field of nursing.

Loretta Ford, RN, and Henry Silver, MD established the designation of Nurse Practitioner, in 1965. They started the very first nurse practitioner program at the University of Colorado. Physicians felt threatened and went on the defensive, claiming nurses were practicing medicine. Nurses argued that they had become the maidservants of physicians. These were tumultuous times!

We all owe Loretta, Dr. Silver and the thousands who entered the program a huge debt of gratitude. It took a great deal of courage to enter this fledgling profession. The dedication, determination and outstanding performance of these early program graduates insured the NP an integral role in modern health care

Today, Loretta Ford, RN, PNP, FAAN, FAANP, now 89 years of age and recognized founder of the nurse practitioner, has lived to see the numbers of NP’s swell to 150,000 in the United States. She is currently a professor and dean emeritus of the University of Rochester. In recent comments she stated, “The idea of delivering care to the uninsured and insured will involve a lot of nurse practitioners, because there’s no way our current resources will provide that gateway to healthcare,” she says. “NPs will play a big part in introducing the idea of wellness and prevention into the system.” She also sees an expanding role for the NP under healthcare reform.

What is the role of the Nurse Practitioner?

I have outlined the scope of the Nurse Practitioner’s functions below. They are taken from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners standards for practice.

Provide primary health care services to individuals, families, groups of clients, and communities
NP care is characterized by an emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention
NPs may order, conduct, and interpret appropriate diagnostic and laboratory tests and prescribe pharmacological agents, treatments, and non-pharmacological therapies
Educating and counseling individuals and their families regarding healthy lifestyle behaviors
It is certain that the NP will play an increasingly important role in the health care delivery system, no matter what form it takes in the post health care reform environment. The role played by NP is an ideal fit for current health care philosophy, which embraces the importance of prevention. Such chronic illnesses as Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, for example, can be prevented in significant numbers.

The greatest problem we need to resolve today, so that we can effectively incorporate present and future nurse practitioners into the health care delivery system is inconsistency of regulation among the states.

There are three major roadblocks that need addressed, perhaps on a federal level. They are…

Third party reimbursement for services
Prescriptive authority
Hospital admission privileges
These impediments to the profession need to be addressed for the Nurse Practitioner’s role to be fully realized.

Perhaps Loretta Ford herself best summarized the dreams of nurses of all stripes when she said, “And if we have a healthy population, then we will have an opportunity to help the rest of the world.”

The Management Art of Being Present

Presence is the ability to influence, motivate, modify behavior, and change the course of events.
• Presence is felt – although invisible
• Presence is silent- although we hear it loudly
• Presence envelopes – although untouchable

Effective leaders have a commanding presence. When associated with a leader who exudes presence, we find ourselves desirous of following them… of believing in them…of willing to be led through thick and thin.

Presence is communicated both verbally and nonverbally. The art of delivering the message combined with ” timing is everything”. Knowing when to interject a comment, change the course of a conversation through the impactful use of humor, and the capacity to summarize a discussion with just the right solution to the topic of the moment – these are all examples of presence.

Non verbal communication skills as regards Presence are a legitimate art. A subtle and powerful management tool, the ability to use that ” a look is worth a thousand words”. Be it piercing eyes, position of our trunk at a frontal or 45 degree angle, tapping our feet, or looking away to avoid the face of another, all are used artfully by the commander of presence. Integrated words and body language deliver a consistent message.

Ronald Reagan has been called the “great communicator”. Watch video clips of the Gipper – his use of the verbal and nonverbal to stridently convince others – or this humor to defuse a situation with adversaries. A prime example of a leader with Presence.

There is a distinction between Presence and Charisma. Charisma is electric. People are drawn to a charismatic leader like moths to a flame. John Kennedy instantly co-opted a crowd by his unique combination of regal being, charm and looks. He used charisma to impact the citizenry and history.

Charisma is not essential to effective leadership. Presence is an indispensable ingredient.

Present World Countries Information Online Using Interactive World Map

Imagine you have a business with branch offices across different countries and continents, the easiest way to ensure that your viewer is aware of all your offices is through the use of an interactive world map with clickable dots and icons pinpointing your various branches.

To see branch information, your viewers simply need to move the mouse cursor over the dot on the interactive map. A info window will pop up showing all the relevant information and links. You can customize the dialog boxes using different colors, textures, adding labels and visual effects. So to make the map more attractive and informative.

Flash interactive world map is becoming a popular tool for presenting geographical data online. Compared to a static image world map or Javascript maps, flash interactive maps loads a lot faster, and can easily support interactive functions such as mouse hover-over, pop-up info-window, zooming, scrolling and regional highlighting.

Corporate and International based businesses that have offices across the world use interactive flash world maps to disseminate information regarding their various offices, products or services.

The zooming factor is another important feature available in interactive world maps, which allows the viewers to click on any region to zoom into and see the various cities or offices within. The visitor can then select a city or office that he or she is interested in to find out more about the products or services on offer.

Interactive multi level world maps are also excellent sources of tourism related information. In other words, a country wanting to disseminate tourism information about its own cities or places can easily do so using the interactive maps. Moreover, these interactive maps can even be used as a search tool, where the user can click on the city or place in question and a search bar that pops up, which allows the person to search for anything he or she would like to find about that place. Most common searches are of hotels, places of interest, restaurants and the like.

If you have a fairly large business, you would have many sub offices that perform a variety of tasks, which could be very specific to the region in question. Interactive maps allow you to load information related to a particular region, without any problems, which makes it really easy for the visitor to understand the intricacies of working in a particular region.

All the above uses of interactive multi level world maps have proved that these maps are not only attractive in design but are very useful in ensuring that the visitor gets all the requisite information in record time.

UGG Boots Rule the Present Fashion Footwear Market

However busy the morning is, do not forget to make a stylish or decent look for that day’ s work, meeting or party. What does a trendy appearance do for you? The answer is realized by most girls today. They are aware of what these clothes, shoes, accessories and make-ups will speak for them. They clearly know it’ s better to create moderately elegant looks, instead of overdoing luxury.

Deep but sensible appetites for fashion are held by most modern people. They always expect to pop out in the crowd with appealing impressions. But they can always make wise decisions on their styles and say no to blind trend chasers. Besides keeping updated with the latest fad on clothes, handbags and delicate ornaments, they always focus on what to wear on feet.

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Australian sheepskin boots are exactly made from classy twin-faced merino wool from Australia. This material was only available for sheepherders tens or hundreds of years ago. It’ s exactly those people’ s experience that directly inspired today’ s designers. After meticulous processing and ingenious hand work, contemporary people get accesses to classy sheepskin that ensures a dry and snug space around feet anytime even in freezing climate.

Ideal comfort and warmth on wool footwear realizes most people’ s desire. This is the biggest reason for the worldwide popularity on these boots. With such a fabulous feature, those trendy looks become more practical. In addition, the understated yet sophisticated motif insisted by designers all the time makes these boots fit most suits and look great. Shoes will also be direct expression for wearers’ personality. To make a classy style statement, Australian sheepskin boots will be wonderful toners. After all, branded items are some of the best symbols of luxury and elegance.