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Being with nature is a life’s gift. Make your life beautiful each and every day, consume natural and organic products that preserve mother nature. At All Cotton and Linen, we produce nature-friendly organic cloth shopping bags, mesh bags for groceries, kitchen towels, dish towels, cotton napkins, and a lot more household items.

Our products are available on eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and our website. Check out the recent collections of White Bedding Sets.

Quality Sleep: It’s time we wake up and get the best organic cotton sheets for our loved ones for a safe, peaceful, and quality sleep for your family. Organic Cotton Sheet Set The time you spend with your body and mind, rejuvenating them needs care and the assurance of hygienic bedding which is provided by organic cotton bedding. The organic cotton used is treated differently than other fibers. Besides delivering a safe product, it keeps the soil healthy as it can retain more water. Ensure you sleep well with the Sustainable Bedding Sheet set. You know you have done a good deed when you invest in eco-friendly bedding. Stay away from the dyes and softeners and detox your bed with organic cotton sheet sets. You are closest to the toxic load when you are sleeping.

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Different Game Monetization Strategies For Developers

If there’s any industry that’s not only escaped from the COVID crisis but also seen exponential growth in the market value, that is the gaming industry. Amid the lockdown, even the so-called non-gamers also joined the bandwagon of playing online games. This resilience is a result of work from home, unemployment and a lot of free time. With few exceptions, almost all big games have been released on time and received critical acclaim during this period. It can’t get any better for biggies like Amazon to step in and create something huge with the help of video game outsourcing companies like RubixQ.

A world of opportunities

After dominating the digital entertainment, e-commerce, and other segments, Amazon is venturing into the gaming industry by investing millions of dollars to be the industry leader of video games. They want to become the NETFLIX for gaming and get the major share in the multi-billion dollar market. It has launched its games division in 2012 under the name Amazon Game Studios with an initial focus on smaller mobile games. Later, they pivoted to expensive and elaborate PC games. Since then, they have worked on big-budget video games development in-house.

Initial Hiccups

In 2017, Amazon Game Studios gave an awe-inspiring pitch for a lavish and humongous big-budget video game, Breakaway. It is a fast-paced video game that happens on the Royal Dutch Navy battleship. The concept of it sounds like a beautiful amalgamation of two of the most popular games, League of Legends and Rocket League. It requires split-second reflexes, combat strategies, spatial reasoning, etc to succeed in this 4-minute heart-pounding game. They’ve spent a whopping quarter-million dollars to design and develop it. And the result – Breakaway failed to create the mark it was intended to and was cancelled.

The promise of a bright future

Amazon Game Studios spend around $500 million a year which its parent money Amazon earns in a matter of hours. And it is ready to spend a lot more to create a benchmark video game. The company acquired the game development studio that made “Killer Instinct” – Double Helix Games. For a mammoth amount of $970 million, it also bought Twitch, which is now one of the most popular game-streaming services.

Currently, another mammoth game called New World is under development. It would be a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) till day from Amazon Games. It was supposedly set to be released on August 31, 2021, but it is still not clear whether it would release on that particular date. The game will be set in the mid-1600s with its characters looking to colonize a land derived from colonial America in the Atlantic Ocean known as Aeternum Island. According to some sources, the game will be available via a buy-to-play business model with no subscription fee.

After the release of “New World”, they are planning to introduce a string of interactive games on Twitch. Amazon plans to break that virtual wall of people merely watching others play and make them a part of the play. They are also working on their own cloud gaming service through Project Tempo. They have launched Luna which is a cloud-based service that offers games to be played across smartphones, PCs, tablets and televisions. It is their answer to Stadia from Google in the cloud gaming service. They’ve recently collaborated with Smilegate RPG to release Lost Ark. They told that they are committed to releasing the highest quality games, whether they’re developing it or working with some of the best developers from other game development agencies.

Though Jeff Bezos announced his retirement from his position as a CEO of Amazon, he made it clear that the company will give a free hand to the developers to look beyond the horizons of Video Games and streaming services. They are looking at big leaps in both visuals and fidelity. They can use their robust Amazon Web Services (AWS) to their advantage by making it the underlying infrastructure. As Amazon grows its revenue from all other sectors, its expenditure on technology and content will also grow exponentially. With this kind of ever-growing stream of revenue to invest in, only the sky is the limit for Amazon’s video game ambitions.

How can you ensure staff retention int he hospitality industry?

The restaurant industry has had to face the challenge of staff retention head-on in recent years, with many restaurants reporting that they have difficulty keeping their employees on board. With this in mind, it is important to explore how you can make sure your staff stay with.

Provide a competitive salary – A competitive salary is a good way to entice people to work with you. It will help them feel valued and more satisfied in their position which will then have the side effect of improving retention rates as staff aren’t going anywhere! More benefits mean that more people will be willing to work with you. The more competitive your salary, the better quality of candidates you will attract, and this is beneficial for staff retention in general as they are going to feel valued! Consider implementing a bonus scheme or commission system if possible so that employees can earn even more money when they do well. This way people know there are options to further their careers and their incomes. From the chef in his chef coat or kitchen shirts, to the servers and bussers in their server aprons, everyone wants to feel appreciated, and also earn an additional income.

- Offer flexible work hours – Flexible working hours is also a great way to ensure staff retention. Running a restaurant is no easy feat and it’s likely that you will be putting in long hours during the busy periods of your business, but this can leave things feeling like an all-consuming job for some! Offering flexible hours will allow people to have more control over how they spend their time outside.

- Give employees the opportunity to grow their skills and advance in the company – Giving staff the required training to progress is a good way to ensure that they feel supported and are confident in their achievements. Giving them the opportunity for advancement will provide staff with an incentive to stay, such as providing performance-based pay or higher positions when promotion becomes available.

- Be open to feedback from your staff, and be willing to listen – Being open to receiving feedback is a sign of employers who care about their staff and want to improve the quality of the workplace. Listening is also important because employees are more likely to stay if they feel that they have been listened to, encouraged, and supported by their managers or supervisors. This includes being open to feedback when there has been an issue with safety in the work.

Nursing – CRNP – Past, Present and Future

The Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner has achieved the most advanced degree in their chosen field of nursing.

Loretta Ford, RN, and Henry Silver, MD established the designation of Nurse Practitioner, in 1965. They started the very first nurse practitioner program at the University of Colorado. Physicians felt threatened and went on the defensive, claiming nurses were practicing medicine. Nurses argued that they had become the maidservants of physicians. These were tumultuous times!

We all owe Loretta, Dr. Silver and the thousands who entered the program a huge debt of gratitude. It took a great deal of courage to enter this fledgling profession. The dedication, determination and outstanding performance of these early program graduates insured the NP an integral role in modern health care

Today, Loretta Ford, RN, PNP, FAAN, FAANP, now 89 years of age and recognized founder of the nurse practitioner, has lived to see the numbers of NP’s swell to 150,000 in the United States. She is currently a professor and dean emeritus of the University of Rochester. In recent comments she stated, “The idea of delivering care to the uninsured and insured will involve a lot of nurse practitioners, because there’s no way our current resources will provide that gateway to healthcare,” she says. “NPs will play a big part in introducing the idea of wellness and prevention into the system.” She also sees an expanding role for the NP under healthcare reform.

What is the role of the Nurse Practitioner?

I have outlined the scope of the Nurse Practitioner’s functions below. They are taken from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners standards for practice.

Provide primary health care services to individuals, families, groups of clients, and communities
NP care is characterized by an emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention
NPs may order, conduct, and interpret appropriate diagnostic and laboratory tests and prescribe pharmacological agents, treatments, and non-pharmacological therapies
Educating and counseling individuals and their families regarding healthy lifestyle behaviors
It is certain that the NP will play an increasingly important role in the health care delivery system, no matter what form it takes in the post health care reform environment. The role played by NP is an ideal fit for current health care philosophy, which embraces the importance of prevention. Such chronic illnesses as Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, for example, can be prevented in significant numbers.

The greatest problem we need to resolve today, so that we can effectively incorporate present and future nurse practitioners into the health care delivery system is inconsistency of regulation among the states.

There are three major roadblocks that need addressed, perhaps on a federal level. They are…

Third party reimbursement for services
Prescriptive authority
Hospital admission privileges
These impediments to the profession need to be addressed for the Nurse Practitioner’s role to be fully realized.

Perhaps Loretta Ford herself best summarized the dreams of nurses of all stripes when she said, “And if we have a healthy population, then we will have an opportunity to help the rest of the world.”

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